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Diets are hard for everyone. It’s such a big change in a huge part of our life that it’s sort of traumatic. Most people make the mistake of rushing into whatever new fad diet they’ve heard of and lose it after they’ve lost the weight (if they can make it that long). Then it all ends up coming back to haunt you. But there are some small habit changes that you can use in real life that will make your diet last longer, be more affective, and even be less painful. It’s not magic, it’s just figuring out what works best for you and making them a legit habit. Habits die hard, like biting finger nails. Keep your diet on the fingernail-biting-level and you’re sure to permanently keep off the pounds. No Snacking While…. A hard habit to replace is snacking. We snack everywhere. There are whole grocery aisles dedicated to snack foods. The worst offenders are the desk, the

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