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Every relationship has its ups and downs; no one expects a smooth-sailing relationship all the time. Sometimes the ups include friendly ribbing and teasing on both sides, while the downs include fierce arguments and frosty silences. Either way, arguments are inevitable. But how do you draw the line between harmless banter and emotional abuse? We have a few signs for you to take note of. If your relationship starts to reek of emotional abuse, please seek help from the nearest abuse shelter immediately, or turn to someone you can trust. If you think that emotional abuse doesn t matter because of the lack of physical scars, think again! Words still have the ability to hurt you, and with enough time, they can worm themselves into our thoughts, warping your personality and perceptions of the world. Your Partner Invalidates Your Feelings One sign that something is wrong would be your partner refusing to acknowledge your feelings. If it was just harmless banter,

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