Small Habit Changes that Will Affect Your Diet for the Better

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Diets are hard for everyone. It’s such a big change in a huge part of our life that it’s sort of traumatic. Most people make the mistake of rushing into whatever new fad diet they’ve heard of and lose it after they’ve lost the weight (if they can make it that long). Then it all ends up coming back to haunt you. But there are some small habit changes that you can use in real life that will make your diet last longer, be more affective, and even be less painful. It’s not magic, it’s just figuring out what works best for you and making them a legit habit. Habits die hard, like biting finger nails. Keep your diet on the fingernail-biting-level and you’re sure to permanently keep off the pounds.

No Snacking While….

Avoid Sweet Snacks
Avoid Sweet Snacks
A hard habit to replace is snacking. We snack everywhere. There are whole grocery aisles dedicated to snack foods. The worst offenders are the desk, the car, and while cooking. When you’re at your desk you’re supposedly doing work. Hands don’t need a lot of attention as you use them to eat an entire bag of low-calorie snack mix. Sure, it’s not a lot in one serving, but if you eat the whole bag it’s still a few hundred calories. What’s even worse is that you don’t remember eating them. What’s the point of binging if you don’t even have the satisfaction of breaking the rules? The same thing goes for snacking in the car. Even if you’ve got a commute ahead of you, car snacking is an auto-pilot, brain washing technique to feed yourself too much food with too little thought.

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As for cooking, it is imperative that you cook at home on a diet. There’s no two ways about it, what you make will be far better and healthier than anything that you can get in a restaurant or store. But the problem lies in the fact that most people taste as they cook. This isn’t bad by itself, but if you’re tasting the whole way and then you have a normal portion of the food you’re actually edging toward the abundance of food that you don’t need. Don’t be a drone! Enjoy your food and use tiny bites to taste. Or you can cut your portion size down if you must taste full bites.

Prepare Yourself

Cook  Your Meals
Cook Your Meals
You are a human, you will want to have a snack or meal right when you want it and no other time. You may even be prepared to drive out and purchase some delicious fried chicken. Fight the craving by being prepared. When you’ve got time, maybe on the weekend or an evening, portion out snacks and meals so that you will be ready to eat them at a moment’s notice. Have a few things like crackers or low-calorie sweets available just so that you don’t feel like you’re having to replace candy with unsatisfying peanuts or something. This little tip can end up saving you hundreds of calories in a pinch.

Bring Your Own What?

Bring Food To The Table.. At Your Friends House
Bring Food To The Table.. At Your Friends House
Don’t be ashamed of having a healthier diet. Tell your friends about it. Rejoice and sing it out from the mountain tops. Or just keep it with friends, that’s probably less annoying. By telling them what’s going on, you won’t have to feel guilty for bringing your own food or snack to a party. Parties can be serious disasters for many people on a diet. There’s all of this especially yummy food and people binging because friends are around and adding junk food makes it a better time for them. Make sure you take some of your favorites. That way you won’t be resentful of them because your raisins don’t taste as good as their chocolate-covered strawberries.

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Get Rid of Temptation

It feels like a giant waste of money, but throw away all tempting items from your house. If you can’t throw them away, give them away. However you do it, get those delicious little heathens out of the house. Yeah, it’s important to give ourselves cheat days and eat whatever we please, but those cheat days shouldn’t involve binge eating cookies. Remove all of that temptation so that your binge food of choice is way healthier. Even if it’s sugary fruit or wafers, they’re way better for you overall. By leaving your weakness around as a reward or for a cheat day you’re welcoming back all of the old bad habits that you just got around to breaking. Be kind to future you, get rid of it all.