How to Replace Your Laptop Charger

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Your laptop is a great convenience because it allows you to travel anywhere while retaining access to your files and the software you need to get your work done, all while being able to wirelessly connect to the Internet anywhere. However, you are unfortunately limited in how much work you can do by one aspect: the battery life. In that regard, the most important piece of hardware associated with your laptop is the AC adapter charger that allows you to bring the battery back to life after you’ve drained it through a hard day’s work. What happens when that charger starts to fail, though? You might even wake up one day to find that it simply doesn’t work at all. Without a charger, your laptop will quickly become a very expensive paperweight that you can’t do anything with. Replacing the adapter should be your top priority. Where can you even begin to look for something like that, though, and how can you do it?

Know the Kind of Charger You Need

Know How Long Your Laptop Battery Lasts
Know How Long Your Laptop Battery Lasts
Before you head out anywhere to buy a charger, you need to know what kind you need. If your original charger still has its manufacturer’s sticker in place, you can simply look there to get a good idea of what you need. You’ll need to know the right voltage for the charger, because you don’t want to buy one that doesn’t match the specs that your battery has. Using the wrong charger with your laptop could lead to permanent damage, such as melting of the battery or even a fire. This is not what you want. Always be sure to get a replacement charger that’s meant to be used with your actual laptop.

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Check Your Local Secondhand Stores like Goodwill

Replace Your Laptop Charger
Replace Your Laptop Charger
A lot of secondhand stores and thrift shops will have laptop chargers for sale that people have donated over time. You might get lucky and find a charger that matches your make or model of laptop, and you’re not likely to be paying more than five or ten dollars for it. This is a great deal, especially considering the cost of new chargers. Take a trip around town and pop into the thrift stores and ask if they have any laptop chargers available to look at. Go armed with a piece of paper containing the information you have about what you need.

Hop on eBay to Buy a Third-Party Charger

Find The Best Option For You
Find The Best Option For You
One of the best places to find a replacement charger quickly and on the cheap is on eBay. There are thousands of sellers who have third-party chargers available which are built to the manufacturer’s expectations, and will provide you with a good charge. Keep an eye on shipping prices, though, as some sellers may try to sell their chargers for dirt cheap while charging an exorbitant shipping fee. It is also easier to find chargers on eBay because you can search the make and model of your laptop along with the word “charger” to find tons of results.

Check with the Original Equipment Manufacturer

If all else fails, consider getting in touch with the maker of your laptop to inquire about how much a new charger would cost. This is going to be more expensive, but at the same time you will also know you are getting official equipment for your computer. This is a good option if you’re worried about the quality of third-party chargers, or if you can’t find a replacement elsewhere. Check your manufacturer’s website or support page for information on how to contact them, and let them know that your current charger is broken. They might even replace it free of charge if your computer is still under warranty!